African Soul Savannahs
My journey with this magnificent feline began in 2004 with my first Savannah. Before adding her to my family, I was
obsessed with learning about the breed.  Every spare minute was invested in learning about the Savannah. I devoured
every tid bit of information I could find.  Finally after doing nearly a year of research, making hundreds of phone calls,
hundreds of emails, thousands of questions, I found my first Savannah. She was a heart stopping beautiful F2B. I chose to
purchase her with breeding rights.

As my relationship deepened with this incredible feline, I experienced one of the deepest animal bonds of my life.  I fell
head over heels for this exotic looking creature that was now a resident of my othewise quiet home. I adored her chirping
in response to my voice, her love of water, fetching until exhausted, adoring headbutts, and her mysterious quirks that
seemed to reflect her serval grandfather.  I was hooked, this was a beginning.

During the last decade, Savannahs have become a bigger and bigger part of my life and my family's life. I have proudly
developed a genetic line that is extremely true to The International Cat Association's breed standards of the Savannah
cat.  My cattery has branched out from the original Ta' Ziyah Savannahs to African Soul Savannahs.  I have gained a
sister cattery run by a wonderful lady I consider an expert on every feline matter.  Carol Drymon of Wind Haven Exotics
has many of the same standards. We strive to produce a Savannah, whether F2 or F6, that resembles the African Serval.
We both share a commitment to each and every life we've been entrusted to. Through further genetic matching and a bit
of "artistic imagination", African Soul Savannahs provides some of the most exceptional Savannahs the world has known.

African Soul Savannahs is not only dedicated to producing extremely fantastic and true to type Savannahs, we also want to
provide forever families with the joy, love, excitement and fulfillment that we have experienced.  All kittens are socialized
and exposed to many life experiences. The kittens build confidence and blossom in personality while with us.  We are
experts on each and every kitten.  We know their loves, their fears, their hearts.  As dedicated breeders, not only do
we raise healthy and beautiful Savannahs, but we place them into the environments/families/homes that we feel they are
best suited to.  We ask many questions to potential "parents".  Likewise, we expect a flurry of questions from our
customers.  We give suggestions and we are honest with all responses.  It's our commitment to find the right match for
our fur babies. We care deeply and individually for each and every one of our Savannahs.

Finally, but certainly not lastly, is our commitment to all our adult, resident, breeding, and retired cats.  As a member of
the African Soul Savannah family, our cats enjoy a pretty comfortable life.  The cattery is equipped with private interior
rooms, all climate controlled; as well as access to outdoor runs and habitats.  All African Soul Savannahs have fresh air,
sunshine, grass, trees, multilevel platforms, activities, view of birds, sound of running water, high quality food, and all
preventative vaccines and vet care.  We are committed to the health and happiness of our Savannahs.